Our Story

Shane Abner had a vision of bringing an essential service to Tazewell and Claiborne County. In 2015, Shane founded Abner Metal and Recycling and has been expanding the business as Owner/Operator ever since.

Located at 1298 Cedar Fork Rd, Abner Metal and Recycling is convenient to the Tri-County area and has been servicing local businesses and private residences with fair and honest business practices.

Abner Metal and Recycling has a full-time staff of 5 professional recyclers that are there to make your experience fast and rewarding. By having an experienced staff, we feel we can continue to hone our procedures to give you an easy, no-hassle visit that leaves you walking away with a handful of cash.

How We Keep in Touch

Abner Metal and Recycling has an ingenious method for keeping interested parties abreast of the latest metal prices and other important information. Simply text “AbnerMetals” and send to “313131”. This will include you in a free text notification service that will inform you by text message when there is a change in metal prices. This is a handy service that will help to get you the most money for your metal.

We also have a facebook page that shows what we’re currently paying for the various types of metals. Click here to see our facebook page and to follow us.

How We Help the Community

By bringing your recyclable metals to us, you’re keeping toxic junk from winding up in our landfills and consequently polluting our ground water supply. Metal in the drinking water can be very dangerous. Also, the money you get from Abner Metal and Recycling will be money from a local business. Keeping local businesses healthy is always good for your area.