Abner Metal & Recycling is your preferred recycling center for Claiborne, Bell and Lee Counties…

Abner Metal and Recycling is a long-standing business that is dedicated to keeping East Tennessee green. By bringing your metal recycling to us, you will not only be helping our local area stay clean, but you’ll be getting the most for your metal.

Pack up all that old junk you’ve got laying around and bring it down to us. We accept old appliances, junk cars, aluminum cans, old metal tools, heavy metal I-beams and any other metal. Why not make some extra cash while cleaning up your living space?

“You may be surprised how much money your old scrap is worth.  Not only are you turning your old junk into money, but you’re helping keep our landfills from dumping harmful metals into our ground. You’re helping our local ecosystem and our local economy.”

Shane Abner, Owner

Whether you’re representing a large company or simply an individual, your scrap metal is precious to us. We work hard to keep our reputation strong and it shows in our everyday dealings. We value our local community and will strive to continue providing that community with great service and great returns.

Feel free to use this website to find out more about Abner Metal & Recycling and how you can help yourself, your community, and the planet all at the same time!