How it Works

You Come to Us

People often wonder about the procedure for getting rid of their scrap metal. This is the biggest reason for procrastination. We’ll lead you through the entire process so you’ll have a better idea what to expect.

You can come anytime during our regular business hours. You don’t need an appointment.

First, you load everything you can fit into your truck or truck and trailer. We have a double-sized scale that will weigh both vehicle and trailer. Your total vehicle(s) weight will be recorded.

Then you’ll be directed to an area where the scrap metal will be unloaded. Most often, one of our staff will assist you in unloading your stuff. If you have brought more than one type of metal (example: several bags of cans and a truckload of iron), then the smaller items will be weighed individually.

Next, you’ll go back to the scale to determine how much weight has been dropped off. In our office, we’ll determine how much you have brought, what type of metals they are and we’ll figure up a payout.

You will then pull your truck into the parking area and come up to the window for payment. At that time, we’ll advise you of how much weight you brought and break down the different types of metals and their respective prices.

Then you simply collect the cash and go!

We Come to You

For corporate and large refurbishing jobs, we offer “roll off” bins. We make them available to set at your location for loading full of your recyclable metals. This service is supplied on an as-needed basis. For scheduling you will need to set up an appointment and to discuss the various requirements of container roll off. Call us at 423-626-1994.